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How is the target out time calculated?

Your daily minutes are multiplied by 100 and then divided by the productivity value that you set. This time is then added to your clock in time.

Will there be a feature "X"?

Feature requests and suggestions are always welcome. Send us an email, we're always interested in ways to improve this app.

Will there be an Android version?

Pt∙vity runs only on iOS 8. The possibility of bringing this app to Android is currently being assessed.

I don't want to sync my shifts to iCloud. How do I turn that off?

Syncing is enabled automatically. To turn off that feature, go to device Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive and then turn off the switch next to this app.

I turned off iCloud syncing, what happened to my History?

Turning off syncing will reset the History entries on your device. Any shifts completed while syncing was active will still exist in iCloud unless you delete them. If you re-enable syncing later, these shifts will replace those currently on your device.

tl;dr Choose early on if you want to sync to iCloud or not.